One of the biggest failures of a human brain is the inability to understand that correlation doesn’t always mean causation. This incapacity to differentiate between the two makes it easier for our brain to assume things which may or may not be true. One such case is when we form a bad habit just to ignore the anxious state of our mind. We associate that habit as the reason for relief from our anxiety, while in reality it is just another distraction.

Habit formation is a basic function that our brain performs in order to reduce the energy consumption. When…

There are moments in life when we feel like a failure. Our brains have been conditioned in such a way that we see every obstacle as a failure even if they present themselves in the form of a learning opportunity. We are not trained to face challenges hence we see them as problems rather than projects. We are so obsessed with success that we spend most of our life in pursuit of it while completely ignoring all the small achievements.

One of the metric people use to measure their success is how much they have achieved in life relative to…

Recently, I built a Word Prediction model and used that model to generate lyrics. The data on which I trained my model contained lyrics from Taylor Swift’s songs. My AI looks depressed or maybe it is just a heartbreak. This is what the results were like:

In the following post, we will talk about how one can create an NLP classifier to detect whether the news is real or fake.

Nowadays, fake news has become a common trend. Even trusted media houses are known to spread fake news and are losing their credibility. So, how can we trust any news to be real or fake?

In this project, I have built a classifier model that can identify news as real or fake. For this purpose, I have used data from Kaggle, but you can use any data to build this model following the same methods.



Natural Language Processing, commonly known as NLP is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that enables machines to understand human languages.

The goal of NLP is to be able to design algorithms to allow computers to understand natural language in order to perform a task. The task could be something as easy like Spell Checking or something as hard as Semantic Analysis.

How to represent words?

One of the most important and common denominator among all NLP tasks is how we represent words. …

Ishant Juyal

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